on 29 December 2017
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zeeLive Interpretation or Media Interpretation is another upcoming concept in the field of Interpretation. Professionally trained Interpreters capable of delivering quality services will certainly find themselves getting an edge over others in this niche area. I feel fortunate to have successfully conducted Intensive Live Interpretation training for  a selected few employees of Zee Media whom one shall see performing their duties as Live Interpreters on TV screens from next month. This will be the first time ever in the history of Indian media that live interpretation of news will be attempted. Modlingua wishes good luck to this first-generation of Live Media Interpreters to lead the pack and scale heights. 

The successful completion of this training module is yet another lead taken by Modlingua, which has always been aiming at not just providing quality services to its clients all over the world but also to train and prepare a sound and competent next generation of linguists who can work in diverse fields with international standards of professionalism. We also wish to see other renowned media houses catching up on this novel concept thus, opening newer avenues for upcoming linguists. 

Our Best wishes to the first generation of Media Interpreters in India. 

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