Hindi Center

Hindi Translation and Research Center in India

Hindi Center is one of the leading translation and research centers with its headquarters in New Delhi and representative offices in Canada, USA, UK, Spain and Australia. It specializes in Translation and Interpretation Services and provides a range of support services including research, publication and editing. In addition, it regularly organizes events, seminars and conferences on various themes related to translation, project management, culture studies and social media. Hindi Center maintains consultative relationship with various government agencies, universities and research centers within India and across the globe.

In addition Hindi Center specializes in translation of text from English to Hindi, Spanish to Hindi, Portuguese to Hindi, French to Hindi and German to Hindi and vice- versa. With more than 15 years of experience gained through its mother company Modlingua Group, Hindi Center is empowered by an excellent team of certified translators, reviewers, terminologists and researchers who have demonstrated consistency in delivering high quality translation services in variety of texts including technical knowhow skills. We also facilitate DTP works that involve platforms like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, Indesign etc.

Hindi Center specializes in technical, medical, legal, patent, commercial translations. In addition, it has an excellent team that is actively involved in promotion of scholarly and literary texts. Currently, it enjoys support of more than 15000 registered users across the globe and counts on more than 200 freelance expert translators and specialists who are very much in tune with the best practices in translation.  Our team delivers high quality translations through team work - project management, task automation, process consistency, flexibility and customer service.

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