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RMWRebecca Ariadna Moreno White is a graduate student in Translation and Interpreting (Spanish, English and French) by the University of Málaga (Spain). During her B.A. she specialized in Conference Interpreting and completed extra courses in Business English and Orthography, Typography and Style Editing. Rebecca also had the opportunity of studying at Ghent University (Belgium) during the third year of her studies, thanks to the Erasmus+ grant.
Her working experience ranges from being a Scientific Translator (EN<>ES) in the research group LEXYTRAD (Lexicography and Translation, ref. HUM 106) for the project “EC+-Enhancing communication”, as well as reviewing and adding resources for research projects such as INTELITERM (Intelligent Terminology Management System for Translators) and TEMITUR; to having experiences in teaching languages such as Spanish and English in academies, with different age groups and at various levels.
Apart from the languages she works with (Spanish, English and French), she has accepted other challenges, which have led her to acquire language skills also in German and Italian. Through experiences living abroad and travelling to various countries, she is able to increase her passion and drive for learning new languages and their cultures.
Rebecca Moreno White is currently a Trainee at Modlingua, where she is improving her other skills by working on topics such as Project Management and Quality Standards, Business Development, Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing. She chose these topics after finding interest in them while completing MOOCs in Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy.

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