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Legal Translation Hub is the legal translation service unit of Modlingua Learning Pvt Ltd. with a team of qualified and certified Translators. We have with us qualified and certified Translators and Interpreters, who very well understand the subject matters and their details. They have education and experience in the specified area and it ensures accuracy to all technical terminology when providing the required services. 

Depending on the case matter, we engage the most suitable ones from our team for each case. Each one of them has substantial experience in the job being assigned. We ensure confidentiality of the document and also the source. We provide high quality translation services that require precise wording. Regardless of the size or scope of the project at hand, our mission is always to deliver the most accurate translation possible and within time frame.

Further, as a Company, with ISO 9001: 2008 certification, we also go by translation standards as defined in terms of the German standard DIN 2345, the American Translation Service Standard (ASTM) and The European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038).

Our team responds in time, as our team highly appreciates the value of time of all the stakeholders in a court case or in other legal frameworks. We very well understand the value and need for quality assurance in making accurate and timely delivery to the clients. In addition to quality translation, upon receiving a service request from the client, we also provide Translation Declarations certifying the genuineness of the translation and credentials of the translator. 

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