Success Stories

Gabriele Sauberer on Terminology Management Guru


"Do what you love. Love what you do"

Dr Gabriele Sauberer

European Business Consultancy
International Network for Terminology
TermNet Business Ltd / TermNet Americas 
European Diversity Management Forum

Dr. Gabriele Sauberer, Secretary General, Termnet Austria shares her success mantra with Modlingua. Dr. Gabriele has been one of the major authorities in Terminology Management with an international repute. At Termnet Austria, the pioneer center for Terminology Management and Research, she regularly organizes Terminology school and European Standards Certification in Terminology.

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Don and Allen Nilsen Humor Studies


"I'm a lucky son-of-a-gun. I work eight hours. I sleep eight hours. I have eight hours for fun."

Don L. F. Nilsen - Alleen Pace Nilsen
Assistant Dean, Division of the Humanities
ASU Emeritus College

Don and Alleen Nilsen are the pioneers of Humor Studies, they have been in regular touch with Modlingua for quite many years. They share their success story with great excitement, adding humor to it.


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Rafa Lombardino transator
“Translation always brings excitement to life” Rafa-Lombardino

Rafa Lombardino is a native Brazilian settled in the USA. She is certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) for English < > Portuguese translations. She has a professional Certificate for Translation in Spanish to English from the University of California San Diego Extension, where she currently teaches Tools and Technology in Translation and Introduction to Swordfish.

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Fernando Denis, the prolific Poet, Writer and Translator from Colombia shares his profile and poems with Modlingua Team

Fernando Denish has written books of poetry: The Invisible creature in the twilight of William Turner (1997), considered one of the best books published in Colombia during the twentieth century, Come to these yellow sands (2004), The Red wine of syllables (2007) and The Geometry of Water (2009).

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