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FREELANCER – Someone who sells their services to employers without a long term contract.

One of the toughest things about freelancing is getting clients. Whether you’re just starting a freelance business, or looking to grow your existing client base. However, you don’t have to resort to spending money on advertising campaigns.  There are other, easier ways to get clients—and instead of you searching for them, they’ll come to you. First is word of mouth that means the best way to land clients without doing anything to get them. When a person recommends a person, it means a lot more than a polished resume. Nowadays,  People trust personal recommendations more than a portfolio, killer resume/LinkedIn profile, or blog. Hence good work is referred to like others .

Have a clear, attractive and up to date portfolio.  It is important to note that having a site won’t guarantee that people will come to it and to attract potential freelance clients. It is necessary to have a blog as a freelancer and you can show your work samples or case studies.  Get testimonials from previous clients. Make sure your contact info is easy to locate. Don’t just make a nice portfolio to showcase your work; promote it, too. Do not forget to add a blog to your portfolio. Writing about topics relevant to the field you want to work in gives you a chance to demonstrate your expertise. There is an art to this. Instead, write articles that will appeal to the people you want to work for and be more likely to lead into a sale. Blogging is another way to passively market yourself and your services. But make sure to write about topics that’ll appeal to your target client. LinkedIn should keep up to date as it is the most trending site and Recruiters and other types of hiring managers to search on LinkedIn and profiles tend to show up high in search results when people Google your name.  Include a summary that addresses your most important and relevant skills and achievements and keep your experience and skills updated.  Add relevant work of yours in the LinkedIn “work samples” area. Go above and beyond by adding recommendations from former employers/people you have worked with. Recruiters take hiring decisions by referring to LinkedIn. Make a memorable first impression by keeping yours updated and polished. Keep all your social media account up to date with brief and true information. These days, there are social media sites catering to a variety of specific industries, especially freelance-oriented fields. Depending on your expertise, there most likely is a platform for you. Hang out on the social networks where potential employers are looking for talent. Plus, you can network with peers to gain insights and connections. Attend conferences and meetings and carry your business cards. Meeting face-to-face is always more memorable. There’s that in-person connection you can’t get online. Attend events and conferences that are relevant to your interests. Or, maybe, more importantly, ones that are relevant to the interests of your potential client. Speak at events and conferences. The best kinds of events/conferences to speak to are ones where audience members may need your services. These days, every business should have a website. So one can easily contact you and speaking at a conference for business owners will get quite a few potential clients to remember your name. The importance of good website design in business, outlining all benefits it can bring (longer time on site, increased visitor engagement, more sales, etc.), you’ll demonstrate your value even further. This also provides the opportunity to meet new clients. Promote your brand and get new clients. Nowadays you don’t have to be face-to-face to network but you can network online. More than online conferences or events, there are industry-specific forums you can partake in. Participate in forums that are relevant to you and your expertise. Offer insights, recommendations, and connect with others. There are ways you can establish you as an expert in your field that goes beyond the standard blog. You can upload videos on YouTube and show your expertise on the topic.

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When it comes down to it, getting work as a freelancer is all about building relationships (online or offline) and demonstrating your value and expertise. In the end, the most important thing a freelancer can do is an act. Do good work. Make it easy to find and share your work. And never stop moving. You won’t start finding hordes of clients overnight. Freelancing bliss may take many months to achieve.

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