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Quality Translation Services

ISO certified translation services in New Delhi
04. 12. 01
posted by: Ravi Kumar
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Translation and interpretation services have been MODLINGUA's first and foremost sphere of activity and over the years, MODLINGUA has earned a good reputation in undertaking translation work for a wide variety of texts. We proudly boast of having delivered quality services with 99.99% success rate. 
We have been handling varied small as well as voluminous projects related to export-import documentation, marketing, advertising, tenders & bids, law patents, software, environment, medicine, machinery, social projects, telecom, politics, economy, culture etc. It is needless to say that excellent translators are the key to an excellent translation. We make use of the services of only qualified and experienced native language professionals who are highly qualified translators, scholars, teachers, professors, lawyers, engineers, embassy professionals and technocrats. Particularly, when it comes to translation services, we make use of highly competent native speakers so as to ensure an excellent quality in translation while retaining the local flavors. All our team members are native speakers with proven track record and excellent academic credentials. We emphasize on handling all documents with total discretion and respect the trust you place in us with your company's confidential documents.

Our team specializes in technical, medical, legal, IT related, patent and commercial translations and enjoys the support of more than 10000 expert translators and specialists who are very much in tune with our translation-localization methodology and quality control process that are based on a demonstrated system of best practices. Our emphasis lies in translation quality, global project management, task automation, process consistency, flexibility and customer service. Our established Total Quality Method (TQM) ensures that our clients receive high quality deliverables in translations in all languages.

For any further assistance do send a mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or WhatsApp at: +91-9821612481

Certified Quality Translation Services in Delhi