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Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Translators and Interpreters

Ravi Kumar with PM Modi
13. 01. 20
posted by: Ravi Kumar
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Language professionals today are quite sought after in the international markets. The linguists possess abilities that are of extreme significance for any enterprise working in the international arena. Latest research indicates that translators and entrepreneurs share strong common characteristics with each other. The two are self-motivated individuals who obviously understand what they seek from their work.

Today, the Web 2.0 phenomenon has taken us leaps and bounds ahead of the Internet or worldwide web days. The concept of online activities and networking today means a large gamut of social media platforms, digital age applications, web pages, etc. In this scenario, a translator’s world obviously doesn’t remain untouched by technology. It is almost like a new global gateway being opened up for the till now small and not-so-open world of translators, interpreters, language trainers, transcribers, voice-over artists and others. We often hear that with the coming of internet, the world has shrunk into a global village.

It may be said that when it comes to the world of linguists, it has rather expanded to places and boundaries it had earlier never thought of reaching. The use of social media platforms has provided umpteen opportunities to language professionals working from the comfort of their homes or plush offices to a worldwide network of knowledge, work opportunities and financial gains. Today, the use of technology based applications and tools have the potential to offer new treasures in terms of knowledge and skills acquisition for the linguist fraternity.

By utilizing the potential benefits of technology and business skills, it makes perfect sense for any freelance language professional to rightly introduce himself or herself as an Entrepreneur. Modlingua's team with its 16 plus years of experience will be happy to assist and provide mentorship to translators interested in embarking entrepreneurship journey. 

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