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on 23 May 2021
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By Ravi Kumar

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You might have heard the name of a very well-known anthropologist called Margaret Mead. She was a very well-known anthropologist from the USA, and she has specialized in American culture as well as Western culture.

Once one of these students asked her, “when was, in her opinion, the beginning of the civilization”? She replied, “when someone’s femur - thigh bone was fractured, and it healed”.  Perhaps that was the time when the civilization started to prosper.

In order to survive the humans had to fight daily, and if someone’s bone was broken, that was considered that this person had lost the ability to run or survive. The group had no way out to leave that person and move ahead. If a person got stuck up, the whole community of animals or early humans would get into danger.

However, there must have been a moment when some’s thigh bone was broken, and a colleague stayed for him or her. That was the moment when companionship started as someone stayed with a person to heal him or her. That means, the humans learned to live together and help each other.

So, in today's Corona crisis, my friends when the whole world is suffering, this is the time when we must prove that we are humans, and we are part of the human civilization.

We can always prove this by staying with our friends in need and help them to heal. One may suffer not merely because of the broken bone, but for many other ailments, including Covid 19.  We can keep humanity alive by helping each other. It is time when we must prove that we are humans and we are friends and their families.

It is very unfortunate that at some parts of the country, and in some part of the world there are some covid 19 victims who have been deliberately left out, who has been deliberately denied access to resources.   This is very cruel and does not align with the human character.

My friends today at this point in time I would like to remind you of Margaret's thought. We are humans. We must help people in need. So, lets’ reach out to people who need help. Let us provide the help to needy in any form, physical, mental telephonic, monetary food, emotional support that they want.

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