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Jointly Written by Shubham and Nicoletta (Summer Interns 2018 at Modlingua)
For creating a website or establishing a company, one is required to focus on some ground realities. The first and foremost is to have a clear understanding of available resources and what kind of information one plans to share with the students, interns, visitors or clients. One should be very clear about the purpose of creating the website and prepare its contents accordingly. It has been well said: “ First impression is the last impression”. When a visitor enter your online platform, it is fundamental that your platform should have every specific answer to his/her questions. By keeping these as basics, Modlingua manages in the best ways its online resources, so that anyone will never has to face any problem in looking for his/her queries.  Our team has created the best resources and a very dynamic web portal that itself is adequate for a first-time visitor. Here are some of the resources which makes our portal among the best and unique ones:
1 – Research Platform
Here one can find all the research done by our Ravi Kumar as well as our interns and our team members.  There is a good amount of fine research which have been done after examining every single and minor detail. Some of the recent and best research are “Rasa Theory and Shakuntala” by Ravi Kumar, where one could get every research and his knowledge. Knowledge of an individual can be detected easily by his work.  There are a lot of research published which are done by our interns. Some recent works are “How to Bargain a Better  Deal in the Professional Field” by Gautam Vasisth. We give fair and full chances to our interns and team members to showcase their skills.

2 – Interns 

This resource is going to describe the precious efforts done by Ravi Kumar, who have started a Social venture on his own and constantly gives students and everyone a golden opportunity to showcase and refine their skills. This part consists of every Intern profile at Modlingua 2018.

3 – Books

This is the section dedicated to books which are edited and written by Mr. Ravi Kumar. One could easily get access to the books and buy them too. As of now, “ Role Of Translation In Nation Building”,  edited by Ravi Kumar, explains how translators have always played a pivotal role in social and cultural changes.  This book is the result of Ravi Kumar efforts and precious knowledge.

4 – Videos

This section will provide and help you in staying connected to every video published by Ravi Kumar and Modlingua. It is always helpful for Interns, as we provide Orientation Programs too. It is very supportive, as one can reach Modlingua team anytime and anywhere.

5 – Blogs

This is one of the key resources provided by Modlingua. It includes every details and each hard work of our students and members. We publish here the contents written by our Modlingua members. One could easily find every information. A very viral and famous of Modlingua  is “How to Write an Essay on Career Goals”;  very useful for students and interns.

6 – Jobs Registration

We also hire. One could submit his/her details anytime and we will contact job searchers whenever we have any project and assignments. This section is regularly updated for hiring purposes.

There are more useful and important resources available out there, for this reason, one should check and explore every resource. It is very important to fulfil the requirement of the visitors. Here we have the best to provide and showcase our best resources to our visitors. The Senior Management team of Modlingua along with Mr Ravi Kumar, its founder always give their best and use every possible skill set to provide the best in a constructive manner. These Resources makes sure that our Visitor or visitors get answers to every question.

Alumniportal Deutschland

Banner statischTens of thousands of people from all parts of the world are studying, working or conducting research in Germany or at German institutions abroad or taking part in advanced training or language courses. The Alumniportal Deutschland, the internet platform for Germany alumni, can help them to stay in touch with each other and with Germany after their return to their home countries.

The Alumniportal Deutschland has been online since September 2008. The network is a social network designed to promote networking and sharing of information among Germany-Alumni, companies, universities and organizations. It offers its users the opportunity to get in touch with Germany-Alumni from around the world as well as companies in order to discuss specialist issues, develop their skills and benefit from the expertise of others.

The network is provided free of charge and is open to Alumni, that is, individuals from around the world who have studied, worked or conducted research in Germany. Anyone who has received education or training at a German institution abroad is welcome to become a member of the portal. It also offers a platform for companies, universities and organizations operating at international level who wish to stay or get in touch with Germany-Alumni.

With its two core areas, the Community and the Topics, it is an all-in-one tool for communication, innovation and collaboration, helping to promote long-term international cooperation with alumni in the areas of culture, education and science. For Germany-Alumni, the Alumniportal Deutschland is a worldwide social network and partner for success, allowing them to benefit from valuable contacts, innovations, career opportunities and cooperation.

Our vision is to see the Alumniportal Deutschland become an active alumni networking hub for sharing information internationally, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of international cooperation. The benefits reaped from online networking and information-sharing should trickle all the way down to cooperation activities on the ground.

Behind the Alumniportal Deutschland is a cooperation project headed up by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and involving the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Goethe-Institut. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by the Federal Foreign Office.

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role of translation in nation buildingThe book "Role of Translation in nation building" edited by Ravi Kumar and jointly published by Modlingua and Indian Translators Association in the year 2012, talks about how translators have always played a pivotal role in social and cultural change in society and how they continue to play a major role in dissemination of the ever expanding knowledge and information available today. In this globalized world, the demand for translation and language related services has increased many times and that translation is not only needed for the creation of national identity but it has also become an essential tool for keeping pace with the processes of globalization and localization. Many times we take for granted the translators crucial role at the (intra) national level and we are less aware of their equally pivotal place as mediators at the international level and, potentially, in the creation of the even larger and comprehensive global supranational identities which seem destined to follow in the future.

The book is also an attempt to find answers to issues like: 

  • What role has translation played in Nation Building across the globe?
  • How easy or difficult is it to view Translation and Nation Building as a well-gelling couple?
  • Did translation play a role in Turkish modernism movements as well as during Turkey’s mingling with the European Union?
  • What about Translation and Nation Building in the African, Arabian and Australian contexts?
  • Do national conflicts and language politics actually impact literary works and translations?
  • How can media play an effective part in bringing social changes by means of translations?
  • How has translation impacted the discourse on nationalism and globalization in the Arab World? 
The book is very useful for researchers, academicians, students of translation, culture and history. For more details write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note: A good way to enhance customer satisfaction is to provide unique and personalized experiences to them. To attain this goal, Translators, Interpreters, as well as all stakeholders, need to enhance knowledge and keep pace with the ever-increasing competitiveness in the global arena. This is achieved by gaining proper knowledge and research. Modlingua research team that consists of highly qualified scholars and researchers brings to the translators' community specialized publications in the form of printed books, ebooks as well as research papers at very affordable prices.
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