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Canada has long been one of the favored destinations for the Indian immigrant population. Canada, a distant land, yet a hotspot for many students, researchers, professionals, skilled and non-skilled workers, migrants, etc. Every year, we see a large no. of people applying for Canadian work permits, student visas or permanent residency, etc. The purposes of these applications may vary from case to case, but each applicant has to complete a series of official formalities. One such very crucial aspect is translation of documents that are originally issued neither in English nor French (the two official languages of Canada). 

Taking things a step further, the translations, which undoubtedly have to be done by professionally qualified translators and not just any bilingual individual, there is also a need to get the translations certified/authenticated, verified or notarized, as the case may be. 

This is where a well-networked translation agency that specializes in providing high quality translations by experienced native translators. Modlingua, India’s top translation agency caters to all such needs. It is fully equipped to handle all your translation requirements pertaining to Canadian immigration or permanent residency to Quebec or Federal Canada.  

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